Alive and Kicking for the last 5 Years (Agile FM)

Exactly today 5 years ago, on 7/30/2013, the first Agile.FM podcast went live. Prior to that, I had released podcast episodes designed for the local agile community in  New York City. Since that first episode went live thousands have tuned in and listened to the great guests that made so very special. 

Today Agile.FM has thousands of subscribers and many more listen to individual episodes based on their special interests around the world.  Agile.FM is a hobby,  it is commerial free and independent in its views and typically the conversations are not edited unless a technical challenge forces me to do that. 

Agile FM wouldn’t exist in this form without Jean Tabaka, who encouraged me to continue and explore this medium further when we met in New York back in 2012.  She loved the concept, the style and asked a simple question that changed a lot of things “Why are you limiting this to NYC, this would be wonderful for the world to know about”. Jean would be probably happy to hear that so many people took advantage of listening to the podcast, but unfortunately she has left us way too early. 

So, if you are listening to and ask yourself if there is anything you can do to help, the answer is YES! Carve out a moment go for example iTunes and rate the podcast. If you have a slightly longer moment to spare, give the podcast a quick review. This will spread the word far and give others a possible to reason to join. In the meantime, keep enjoying my guests on the show and subscribe to the newsletter on Thank you, Joe Krebs


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