Patricia Kong and Kurt Bittner (Agile.FM)

In this episode I had the pleasure speaking with Patricia Kong and Kurt Bittner about Nexus. Both, Patricia and Kurt, are with and have recently released a book about Nexus with the title: "The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum: Continously Delivering an Integrated Product with Multiple Scrum Teams". Almost at the same time, the new Nexus Guide was released, too. Two very good reasons to talk more about Nexus. 

We talked about language changes in the new Nexus Guide, the role of the Nexus Integration team and most importantly when scaling makes sense in the first place. You will hear about how Nexus differs to some of the known approaches in the industry (e.g. Scrum of Scrum's) and how a framework for scaling can tackle the complexity of large Scrum programs better. 

Both authors share the outline of their book and how a fictional company steps through typical challenges when going from a single to a multi-team Scrum. I hope you will enjoy this one. 

EpisodeJochen Krebs